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Permit News is part newsletter, part articles and other useful permit information.  You can view permit news from around the world, comment and blog about it.  We'll also place our Newsletter here as well.  Enjoy.

Monday, 07 April 2014 21:47

Case Study: Chase Bank

Written by Fenn Moun
Project Overview Permit Place completed a new ground up corner location for a 5,000 square foot Chase Bank along Bollinger Avenue in San Jose, California. Chase Bank approached Permit Place with one of several new bank layouts for an immediate term rollout of all new Bank branch. One of the biggest challenges was coordinating public improvement permits to coincide with tenant improvement permits. The scope of work included extensive landscaping, grading, and utility coordination to provide approved lighting design and roadway and sidewalk design.  Industry: Banking - Retail Project Type: National rollout   Challenges Chase Bank in partnership with Permit Place to assist with many new construction projects which consisted of a new ground up 5,000 square foot bank with new teller window options, exterior ATM frontage and building design that was harmonious with an existing retail center. The bank is located in one of San Jose’s highest traffic corner (Bollinger and Miller) and emphasized the importance of properly scaled building, prominent landscaping, and effectuated a street and pedestrian-friendly design that leveraged Chase Bank ATMs to customers and patrons along a pedestrian path of travel. Furthermore, stipulations within the entitlement approval required landscaping and trees to be consistent with Migratory Bird Treaty Act as well as California Department of Fish and Game Code. Several factors presented opportunities for PermitPlace to shine, including pushing for Building, Grading, and Utility permit approvals.   Solutions Permit Place expeditiously completed an initial due diligence report of the project to communicate the associated costs, timeframe, and expectations to our client. We worked alongside designers and architects to find suitable location for ATM frontage along with coordinating multi-agency permit reviews and plan reviews. PermitPlace logistically coordinated permit approvals within precise calendar months to preclude violation of any migratory raptor bird nesting seasons in compliance with Fish and Game codes. We understood the hardships and challenge with interacting with several multiple agencies often with conflicting requirements and ambiguous procedures.  We negotiated approval on Grading Permits while working on Building and Mechanical plan reviews. We received early start permit for Grading on-site in order to meet deadlines consistent with conditions implemented as part of the entitlement approval. We offered expedited reviews from all disciplines, and by developing close rapport with City staff developed a simultaneous review process for each department saving significant time for our client. We obtained all necessary external clearances including: school fee clearance, sewer connections, utility coordination permits, lighting design clearance, and street bond clearances. We followed up during the inspection process to ensure there were no construction delays, as well as establishing clear communication between architects, plan reviewers and field inspectors that served as a basis for future relationships. Results Despite challenges on all fronts in the development process, PermitPlace delivered on time. We obtained all necessary permits, complying with State environmental laws and regulations while providing our client with a clear timetable for construction and occupancy. We developed a clear response and supported contractors and engineers throughout the construction and development phase. Our results were successful, resulting in further post-permit amendments that enhanced the Bank’s interior architectural features. In conclusion, we complied with all environmental clearances (Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration); Conditions imposed as part of the Conditional Use Permit, Site Development Permit, Grading Permit, Building Permit, and Utility permits. We mitigated any issues and concerns that were unexpected during this process and maintained a design and architectural layout that satisfied Chase Bank’s high traffic count. Our determined approach transformed the project from a multi-agency review to a consolidated effort. We are always looking for new challenges!
Project Overview Permit Place completed the Alexander McQueen flagship retail store in San Francisco’s downtown  core and within the ground level of a historic hotel. Along with the challenges of navigating San  Francisco’s development process, the historically significant landmark building posed additional  challenges from a design perspective with respect to implementing the vision of Alexander  McQueen’s beautifully intricate yet prominent street-facing façade along Geary Street.    Industry:  High Value Retail - Consumer  Project Type:  Flagship Store    Challenges: Alexander McQueen’s vision for a San Francisco flagship store was enthusiastically championed for by Permit Place.  We challenged the City on all fronts including:   How to design an architectural layout consistent with the City’s chain store regulations along Geary Street.  Obtaining permits to alter a designated landmark building and retrofitting a new marble façade store entryway  Navigated the building and construction process with a plethora of permits and reviews from all trades (Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire, Disability codes and regulations).  Consulting and supporting a team of architects and engineers to achieve a quality design while maintaining costs advantageous to the client.  Hit key milestone deadlines-including achieving timely construction permits and permits to alter historically designated buildings. Multi-tiered review was consolidated into a single review track.  Case Study: Alexander McQueen – San Francisco Solutions  Permit Place expeditiously completed an initial due diligence report of the project to communicate the  associated costs, timeframe, and expectations to our client. The project was met with a pre-consultation  meeting with certified planners of our own, architects, and City officials. The project was split into dual phases  with each review occurring simultaneously. While plans were reviewed by building and mechanical engineers,  we worked alongside architects to craft an exterior store entryway that met the vision of Alexander McQueen.  We provided valuable insight regarding the City’s street-façade improvement regulations in the downtown core.  We worked to mitigate issues relating to non-compliance of fire codes from an existing, pre-dated hotel. We  consulted with City architects and engineers to achieve a cohesive interior and exterior design that reflected the  concept of a true flagship store. We submitted, pushed, and followed through with an application to the  Historical Commission for review and approval of our store concept. We understood the conflicts of navigating  San Francisco’s own handicap and disability laws and regulations. In conclusion, we achieved and met the  challenges on all fronts of the development process and tied it altogether for our clients. We enthusiastically  accepted the challenge and accomplished our client’s vision.    Results  Permit Place was successful in obtaining tenant improvement permits, fire permits, planning permits, and  permits to alter a historically significant building. We finished on time and under budget and provided support  for the project with an incredible dynamic team of engineers, architects, and general contractors through the  inspection process. We mitigated issues that were brought forth and unexpected to any single architectural  firm. We developed rapport, created weekly updated reports, and maintained projects costs and timeframe  translating into significant savings to our client. We used a unique cost-driven approach, while still maintaining  excellent rapport with City officials to achieve a design consistent with our client’s vision. Our experience and  dedication transformed a seemingly complicated project to a single track review and approval.    Permit Place Project Manager, Fenn Moun 
Outdoor dining and shopping can make for an exciting and fun downtown experience.  In order to offer  outdoor dining and shopping, local businesses must apply for the proper permits.  Sidewalk dining and shopping permits are known at the city as R-Permits.  The R stands for Revocable and these permits allow for the right to do some sort of activity in the public right of way.  They are usually temporary in nature and include strict provisions in order to maintain the permit.  They can often take up to one year to get approved.  On November 6th, 2013, the Los Angeles City Council voted in favor of enacting a pilot process to test out a new method for issuing sidewalk encroachment permits for downtown historic core addresses.  The new method was devised by the Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering earlier this year to minimize the cost of these permits for business owners, and to reduce the number of staff hours needed to evaluate and grant this specific type of permit.  Beginning in early 2014 the city plans to implement the new pilot program.     The new pilot process will first run in Downtown Los Angeles’ Historic core.  More specifically, this pilot applies to ground floor retail properties located on 1st through 7th between Los Angeles and Broadway which  are able to apply for sidewalk dining r-permits with reduced fees and expedited application processing.   For properties in the pilot area, the estimated processing time for complete & non-controversial cases could be as little as 1 to 14 days. This pilot process is slated to terminate in 2016.  Therefore, Historic Core businesses are encouraged to take advantage of the new pilot program when it becomes available. Although the City of Los Angeles is demonstrating initiative to find a better way to issue R-Permits, there are still some details that could cause an applicant frustration.  For example, an applicant can be disqualified from taking advantage of this pilot program, if:  ●A proposed encroachment is granted and the neighbors complain, the permit is temporarily revoked until the discrepancy is resolved.   If the issue is not resolved, the permit is permanently revoked unless the applicant removes fixtures and pays a $7000 deposit to start the application process again on normal timeframes (up to a year).   ●Incomplete applications, discrepancies in measurements, and insufficient documentation would be deemed controversial and could potentially cause staff to spend more time evaluating and investigating the site. More staff time = higher fees The best way to have your revocable permits done right is to use a knowledgeable permit expediter.  A good permit expeditor will take the responsibility of tasks like site profiling, application preparation, submittals and reviews, tailoring site depictions that appropriately describe the scope of work.  Permit Place, a Los Angeles planning and permit expediting firm specializing in acquiring permits of all kind for commercial retail uses, has filed many sidewalk permits in Los Angeles.  Permit Place is the preferred expeditor partnering with the downtown business community to take advantage of the opportunity presented by this pilot program.  Permit Place’s expert planners and experienced permit technicians are have the experience and relationships necessary to get your revocable permits approved in the new pilot program.  As the Historic Core Sidewalk Dining pilot program will only run for two years, Permit Place is making an effort to help as many downtown businesses as possible take advantage of the benefits of having a sidewalk permit.  If you are a café or a retailer, talk to a Planner at Permit Place today at 1 (877) 277-4289 to evaluate your R-Permit business strategy at no cost.  Permit Place will be visible in the Historic Core, at community meetings and visiting downtown businesses to begin realizing the benefits of storefront & streetscape furniture. Sources: City of Los Angeles, City Council. (2013, August).  Report from Public Works: Engineering.  Historic Core Sidewalk Dining (Council File No. 13-0658). Retrieved from   Interviews: Blair Besten,  Executive Director, Historic Downtown L.A. Business Improvement District
California Liquor Licenses and Zoning Permit Package - Featured Service Permit Place specializes in California Liquor Licenses and the local Zoning Permits that accompany them.
California Liquor Licenses and Zoning Permit Package - Featured Service Permit Place specializes in California Liquor Licenses and the local Zoning Permits that accompany them. What are some of the services we can help with? We help with Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Cafe's, Hotels and Restaurants get their Type 20, 21 and Type 41 and Type 47 ABC Liquor Licenses and the Conditional Use or Zoning Permits that accompany them. We'll help you with the State process, background check, the Lottery.  We can help you figure out your ROI for getting your permits expedited vs. regular process. We'll help you with Floor Plans, Radius Maps, Site PLans, Notification Postings. Zoning Permits Health Permit Approvals Beer and Wine only Full Liquor ABC License approvals Conditional Use Permit applications Change of Use permit if necessary Lottery participation Open Licenses Need more information contact our Awesome Business Development staff Request Liquor License and Permit Package  
Wednesday, 02 March 2011 07:10

Women's History Month at Permit Place

Written by Mike Robinson
Women's History Month March is Women's History Month.  In honor of that month, we found several online sources that tell us more about Women's History month. has a great resource called The History of Women's History month about how March became Women's history month.  They also debunk myths in the Myth's Of Women's History. Additionally, the National Women's History Project 2011 theme is Our History is Our Strength.  They link to even more additional Women's History Links and resources all over the country.  Permit Place is a WBENC certified company and we can help you meet your supplier diversity goals.  We honor the accomplishments of the Women that came before us.
Southern California Building Permits at an historic low. On February 16, 2011, Jeff Meyers of Meyers Builders Advisors spoke at the Allen/Matkins Real Estate Development Law Update event providing attendees with some insight into the current state of the real estate market and his opinion on the health of the market moving forward. The update was primarily focused on the Southern California housing market, as well as, recent land transactions that may shape the future of housing in the region over the coming few years. Southern California permit activity is at a historic low.  As a result, Southern California will remain a popular investment location given the limited supply conditions that exist with land being so difficult to entitle.   While other bubble states, FL, AZ, and NV were oversupplied and overpriced, CA was just overpriced. Any spike in employment has the potential to create high levels of demand that cannot be met, thus driving home prices upward. Employment/Permit (E/P) ratio will likely stabilize over the coming years.  Last year, San Diego and Orange County posted modest job gains.  Economists are forecasting further job recovery this year throughout the region.  When job growth outpaces permit issuances, with the EP ratio reaching 2 jobs per permit or more, we typically have a period of significant price appreciation. Interesting points.  I'm eager to here more from Jeff.  We certainly have seen an uptick in activity at Permit Place.  You can check out what's going on through our Permit Place Construction Monitor report.  We collect and compile all the permits in the regional area.  
Los Angeles, CA – August  18, 2010 – Permit Place, a nationwide permit expediter and planning consultant firm, received national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the WBEC-West, a regional certifying partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). WBENC’s national standard of certification implemented by the (regional partner organization)is a meticulous process including an in-depth review of the business and site inspection. Thecertification process is designed to confirm the business is at least 51% owned, operated andcontrolled by a woman or women. By including women-owned businesses among their vendors, corporations, and governmentagencies demonstrate their commitment to fostering diversity and the continued developmentof their supplier/vendor diversity programs. To learn more about how Permit Place can help your business get permits easily, please visit About Permit PlacePermit Place is a business to business consulting company providing permit expediting, planning and project management services that helps facilitate the difficult process of securing land use entitlements, planning and construction permits for retail stores and restaurants - nationwide.     Permit Place gets permits and entitlements faster, saving our clients time and money, in the difficult and cumbersome process of securing permits. About WBENCThe Women’s Business Enterprise National Council is the nation’s largest third party certifierof businesses owned and operated by women in the United States. WBENC is a resource for themore than 700 US companies and government agencies that rely on WBENC’s certification as anintegral part of their supplier diversity programs.
Wednesday, 09 February 2011 22:01

Liquor Licenses in Los Angeles - March '11 Newsletter

Written by Mike Robinson
Liquor Licenses in Los Angeles . March '11 Newsletter Word Count: 529 words Time to read: 3 minutes. In this issue, you will find. Liquor Licenses - Five Questions to ask BEFORE you apply. Liquor License and Permits Package as our Featured Service It's March Madness! Order 7 projects, get the 8th project free! It's Women's History Month and We're a Women Business Enterprise. Our employee of the month. What we do. It's easy being Green in LA. It's St. Patrick's Day, I'm Irish, there's March Madness, my son turns 7, it's Women's History Month,  so many things exciting programs at Permit Place.  Let's get started. Los Angeles Liquor License, Five questions to ask BEFORE you apply. If you are a restaurant or cafe owner, you probably have thought about offering beer, wine or other types of drinks at your restaurant.  The process to secure a Liquor License can be daunting, expensive and confusing.  Brian Nebel, one of our Project Manager's put together a great article on questions to ask to help with timing, budgeting and everything else before you apply.  First, the absolutely most important thing you need to make sure...(Read more Los Angeles Liquor License) Liquor License and Permit Package as our Featured Service This March, it's seems appropriate that our featured service is the Liquor License and Permit Package. We provide this service to property owners, restaurant owners, cafe owners, grocery stores, Hotel operators and Convenience Stores.  We work for big corporations and little mom and pop shops and here's the low down on what we can do. A great thing to think about Liquor Licenses is that they are really...(Read more Liquor License and Permit Package) March Madness Discount. To celebrate the month of March Madness and, in honor of my son's 7th birthday, we are offering a promotion.  Send us 7 projects in the month of March and receive the 8th project free.  Contact our awesome business development team today. March is Women's History Month The History of Women's History month is a very interesting article about how March became Women's history mont.  Additionally, the National Women's History Project 2011 theme is Our History is Our Strength.  They link to even more additional great women's organizations all over the country.  Permit Place is a WBENC certified company and we can help you meet your supplier diversity goals.  We honor the accomplishments of the Women that came before us. Employee Of The Month -Rafael Gevorkian Congratulations to our employee of the month - Rafael Gevorkian.  Rafael received acknowledgment from his fellow employees and managers as having best exemplified our values.  He's a local success story made good.  Congratulations Rafael! What we do Permit Expediting Property Records Research Liquor License Permits Bank Re-Branding Restaurant Permits Retailers Don't wish to receive our email's? Unsubscribe Copyright, 2011 – Permit Place, Inc. - All rights, reserved.
Tuesday, 08 February 2011 06:56

Do you love permits? February Newsletter

Written by Mike Robinson
Do you love permits? Permit Place February Newsletter Word Count: 427 words Time to read: 3 minutes. In this issue, you will find. Top Ten Los Angeles Restaurant Permitting Tips Restaurant Permits as our Featured Service 10% off of any project through the month of February Our employee of the month What we do We love permits.     In the spirit of Valentine's Day...Yes, we love permits and we don't care who knows.  Building Permits, Mechanical Permits, Electrical Permits, Restaurant Permits, Health Permits, Liquor Licenses, even Change Of Use Permits...we love 'em all.  We also love food and we love going out to eat at restaurants especially on Valentine's Day.   So, our newsletter this month covers a lot about restaurant permits and all the lovely things involved with permitting restaurants.      Restaurant Permits - Our Featured Service of the Month Our featured service this month is the good 'ol Restaurant permit.  O.K. Let's say you've got a great location, you sign the lease, you try to get your permits then WHAM! The city says, "Hey!   Your previous use was a bookstore and now it's a cafe?  Whoa, there partner.  You are going to have to file for a "CHANGE OF USE PERMIT!"  You ask them, "What the heck does that mean?  I want to just open a restaurant and serve Tofu-rkey Tetrazini."  They say, "You run a restaurant?  Didn't you read CAM 564.33?  You should KNOW!"  What's a restaurant owner to do?...(Read more Featured Service - Restaurant Permits) Los Angeles Restaurant Permit Tips For those of you looking to build your restaurant in Los Angeles, there are a couple of things steps that you have to go through to make sure you get your permit on time.  First, you absolutely need to make sure...(Read more Los Angeles Restaurant Permit Tips) January Employee Of The Month - Caitlin HallermanCongratulations to our employee of the month - Caitlin Hallerman.  Caitlin's title is Assistant Project Manager as well our Los Angeles Property Records Research Manager.  In her current roles with Permit Place, she is in charge of our  Property Record Research  division.  She secures copies of all property records for anyone looking to find out more about what permits are on file for a commercial or residential property. Caitlin was voted by the other employees as having best represented Permit Place values.  Caitlin is originally from the Sacramento area and is a recent graduate of USC.  She formerly worked for Roman Group, LLC a multi-family acquistions group.  Shout out to mom & pop in Sac Town! Valentine Discount. To celebrate the month of February, we are offering a Valentine's Discount on our permit records research request and our permit expediting services good through all of February. Call (818) 786-8960 or  Request Permit Services  and tell us "I love permits!" and we'll give you a 10% discount.  Our offer is good until the end of February.  We must be crazy in Love! What we do Permit Expediting Property Records Research Liquor License Permits Bank Re-Branding Restaurant Permits Retailers