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“I want to build this.” “No!” What to do when the city says no to your construction project

It never fails. You have a multi-million dollar idea of putting a particular business at a particular location. The corner is perfect. The demographics suit the nature and demand of the store, service or restaurant. There is just one big problem-the city is not on board. Just what can be done when a city (township, borough, village, county or parish) is not inclined to allow your project? First off, you cannot hear a “no” without first proposing a question. So you would undoubtedly speak to and present your proposal to city staff and they would give you a reason for the denial. Are you proposing a commercial business in a residential zone? Is your proposed use not allowed in a particular zone?  They would cite a code (if they don’t, ask them to) and then you could do your own research Research – Is the information that city staff is telling you accurate? Remember the person at a city counter can make a mistake. There may be exceptions within the code that they were not aware of and fail to inform you of. They may have even mistyped the address and given you the wrong development criteria. Double-check their work! Often the city code is online and accessible for you to do your own homework. Second, if your project is not an allowable use, find out if the project can be done using planning tools such as a variance or conditional use permit (a.k.a. CUP). Exceptions – Can I do this via a variance or conditional use permit? In virtually all jurisdictions, you can propose whatever you would like to build; however, you would also do well to get feedback on whether said variance/CUP would be supported or not by the city code before vesting in the site. Next, if your proposed use is not allowed by right or does not qualify for a variance or CUP you can always move up the departmental ladder to get help. In departments, the highest ranking official is usually the Senior Planner or Planning Director.  If your proposed project does not meet the code or gain their support, your next alternative is to approach legislative bodies to seek a code amendment, or legislative solution to get your project approved.  Examples of legislative bodies include, City Council, the Mayor’s office, the economic development lead agency or the Planning Commission.  The legislative route best suites large developments that can boast public benefits such as new revenues and job creation.  The political machine tends to favor projects that generate tax revenue and jobs. While this list is not necessarily exhaustive, it should provide you a foundation of some of the options to receive the “blessings” from city staff for your project.  One must also realize that there is still the possible reality that a project cannot be built at all. If it does not fall under the jurisdiction’s criteria for that zone, cannot be built according to building codes, and cannot be achieved through any sort of variance, you’ll have to face the facts that the project simply cannot be built. James Matthews serves as a Senior Project Manager at Permit Place, a national building permit and land entitlement solutions provider. James may be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Building Permit Expediting Key To Fast Franchise Openings

So you finally decided to take the plunge and plow your savings into a franchise restaurant concept.  Excellent move.  Franchise systems can help first time business owner's make the transition from employee to owner status.  What you may not have anticipated was how long and complicated the construction permit process can take.   For example, if you are signing a lease for a space did you know that if the space you are leasing was not a restaurant before, you may be forced to wait weeks or even months to receive a building permit? The reason is that you are changing the use of the space from a retail space to a restaurant space.  This requires a different set of rules that you have to follow to ensure that there is parking, seating, health permits, and even a conditional use permit if you are serving beer and wine.  All of the permits and regulations can be overwhelming for a first time franchise owner. Fortunately, if you want to get to opening as soon as possible, building permit expediting consultants or building permit expediters may be your secret weapon to getting open earlier with a minimum amount of hassle.   Building permit expediting is the process of focusing on the building codes, approval process and requirements necessary to get the permit through more quickly than if it was left on it's own.   Many architects supply building permit expediting as a service but what is not known is that architects don't typically complete this work in house.  They will hire building permit expediting firms called permit expediters to complete the process.   The key is to get building permit expediting from a company that is local or has local people and has completed projects in that city or county or state before.  You also would want to make sure that they have had experience with your type of project, converting a retail space to a restaurant and has good relationships at the building department.  By going with a professional company that has plenty of experience when it comes to construction as well as the local building regulations and codes, you can be sure to get the building permit that you need with a significantly smaller waiting time than if you were to go the standard route. For you, this means being able to break ground on your new construction sooner rather than later, which will not only save you time but money as well. From there, you can get your building erected and have it fully functional weeks or even months sooner than you would have by going through the standard process of applying for a building permit.

What is a building permit expediter

What is a building permit expediter Issued building permits for both residential and commercial projects have jumped in recent years thanks to easy financing and an interest in starting delayed building projects.  What’s different this time is that homeowners have started using a secret weapon used by commercial developers for years.  That secret weapon is hiring building permit expediters to help their projects through the City permit process.  Building permit expediters are consultants that play a behind-the-scenes role in helping get permits through City Hall.  Basically, building permit expediters get paid to understand the local building codes and advise the owner’s, architects and engineers on how to get their building projects approved more quickly.  Building permit expediters will go to City Hall and wait for their clients to see City Officials and discuss blueprint revisions with plan examiners.  Building Permit Expediter also have extensive Planning experience an will be paid to represent their clients at zoning, architectural review and variance hearings.The building permit expediter role is typically that of a facilitator between the City’s staff and how staff may interpret their local building and zoning codes and the owner or the owner’s consultants such as Architects.  The building permit expediter may even work on behalf of the owner’s architect rather than the architect themselves as it often represents a cost savings to the owner and helps keep their architect’s overhead costs down.   Rather than keep an expensive Land Use Planner and Code Consultant on staff, an architect can simply hire a building permit expediter’s to augment their permanent staff as their “insider” and these costs can passed onto their client rather than in their overhead.  A building permit expediter will typically work with hundreds of projects within hundreds of different cities, counties and departments within these entities.  This gives a building permit expediter a unique “inside” perspective and the owner can then have helping to guide the costs and scope of the project. Having someone on your side who has a good relationship and familiarity with local officials and the process is the most effective way to ensure that permits arrive quickly instead of in months.Building permit expediters typically charge by the hour or by the project.  Buiding permit expediters used to be used more as “paper-pushers” before the big housing bust.  These days, they are typically multi-disciplined professionals that do more than act as a courier.  A good building permit expediter should have one or more certifications in real estate development and have experience in both zoning and building code interpretation.  Now, expediters are increasingly hired by engineers, architects and owners to advise them on complex problems like how to interpret zoning code to allow more square footage within a parcel or how to get all the documents in perfect order so that the project is accepted for submittal the first time.  Like lawyers, expediters can bill by the hour or the project and usually retain a computer like memory of the current city codes and can negotiate for you from a place of knowledge with high-level officials. Expediters work best when brought in early and assigned the role to assist the architect in anticipating any design issues might pop up. "Expediting is now becoming more like a Code Consulting than ever before.” States Mike Robinson, President of Permit Place, a Building Permit Expediting firm based out of Los Angeles. “Building Permit Expediters are becoming more and more accepted as professionals that can contribute significantly to reduce time and costs to the homeowner.”  If you want to be successful with your home improvement project, I would strongly suggest at least speaking to an expediter.”  Many building permit expediters will tell you what they know about a City or County’s process before you have to commit to hiring them.  They usually perform minor research or due diligence on the property in question and should provide you with a small report about what it will take to permit your project, how long, what applications and what the costs will be. 

Benefits of hiring a building permit expediter

Benefits of Hiring A Building Permit Expediter If you are looking to start your own business in the near future, then you may very well be considering the option to design and construct your business location. Of course, the challenge in doing this is not only getting blueprints drawn up and finding the right people to take on the construction job, but the process of getting approved for a building permit can also be quite time consuming. Fortunately, for those who want to get their building permit as soon as possible rather than having to jump through hoop after hoop, the option to hire a building permit expediter is always there. These are professionals who know all of the local coding and zoning laws when it comes to new construction. Therefore, they know what it takes to get a building permit application approved regardless of the specific type of business that you may be looking to start. Furthermore, they will be able to provide you with a checklist of steps that you will need to take in order to get your building permit approved in no time. Building Permit Expediters generally charge either at a flat rate or at an estimated range.  Some building permit expediters also specialize in specific type of permits and even specific cities or counties or areas of the country so be sure to check with them, if your project is something that they have experience with.  Building permit expediters should also be certified in at least one or more industry certifications so make sure that they are qualified to do the work.  There are many benefits to choosing such a service. Obviously, doing so will get you your permit in the shortest time possible. This means that you will be able to break ground on your construction project sooner and get your business going as soon as possible, rather than waiting for months or longer to have your permit approved. So be sure to consider this as an option for you today!

Permit Expediter Services

We offer Permit Expediter Services.  It seems obvious but we never really said it.  So here it is officially.  Permit Place provides Permit Expediter Services.  We also created a video to show exactly what it is that we do. We offer Permit Expediter Services including Entitlement Services to companies that need assistance with getting local permits.  

Permit Expediters and Planners - Meet The Staff at Permit Place

Permit Expediters and Planners - Meet the Staff at Permit Place Permit Place friendly staff consist of professional and knowledgable staff that can help you get your permits fast.  Here's a look at where we work and who you will deal with.  Send them a note saying you saw them on the video.